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The DuneHopper, a fly-in programme with packages ranging from 2 to 5 nights, departs daily from Windhoek and Swakopmund to NamibRand Nature Reserve and Sossusvlei - synonymous with some of Africa's most breathtaking locations - and made the region, as well as the concept of fly-in safaris, more accessible to a wider scope of time-pressed nature-lovers seeking the extraordinary.

The portfolio of lodges and camps featured on this web-site form the perfect base from where you can explore the towering dunes of Sossusvlei and the vast stretches of awe-inspiring wilderness of NamibRand. The variety of building techniques, natural settings and service attributes of the selected establishments guarantee that every guests individual preferences are catered for - in terms of comfort, style and travel-budget.

In addition, two activity-based features - to name hot-air ballooning and hiking trails - add to the composition of 6 standard DuneHopper programmes.
The essence of joining a DuneHopper lies in the freedom of choice and an unforgettable experience whilst saving time. Emergency funds who need payday cash loans online, we find the best borrower with low fees.

Ever-changing colours of the desert by day, a billion stars bedazzling its endless night skies, and the arid immensity and grandeur of it all cannot but be etched in your mind forever.
All lodges presented in this web site are independently owned. Information as well as text have been supplied by the respective lodges and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of NatureFriend Safaris.


a fly-i n program
departs daily from Windhoek
most breathtaking locations
fly-in safaris
hot-air ballooning
hiking trails
a billion stars bedazzling its endless


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